Essence LMS

About Essence

Advancing Cyber Threat Monitoring and Hunting Capabilities

The Essence Solution provides continuous monitoring of SCADA/ICS networks.  Through an NRECA strategic technology partner BlackByte Cyber Security, LLC, the Essence Solution embodies a number of partner technologies that enable the overall Essence Frameworks.

Essence advanced analysis algorithms detect cyber and grid anomalies and alert in real-time.

This technology has been developed, refined, and proven through partnerships with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and NRECA's technology partner BlackByte Cyber Security, LLC.

  • OT Focused on IT awareness.
  • Real-Time Analysis = Network Physics & Grid Physics.
  • Discovery is unique to Grid relevant operations.
  • Anomaly and alerting for accurate triage and incident artifacts that have specified technical detail.
  • Incidents are completely federated into an Information Sharing platform component.
  • Open to integrating with others.
Image Title: Essence Ecosystem
Essence Ecosystem